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Valuable Guidance From A Construction Law Specialist

When you need assistance with a construction law related concern, you need an attorney who deeply understands the intricacies of Florida construction law. Attorney Jason C. Maier at Maier Law, P.A., in West Palm Beach has been Board-Certified by The Florida Bar as a specialist in the area of Florida Construction Law since 2006. This distinction honors his knowledge, experience and commitment to assisting construction companies, general contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers with a variety of construction-related legal concerns.

Maier Law, P.A., and its attorneys are also experienced in the areas of payment bond and performance bond claims on Florida public projects under Florida Statutes Chapter 255, private payment bond and performance bond claims under Chapter 713 and federal claims under the Miller Act. If you are a design professional such as an engineer or architect, Maier Law, P.A., can represent you in claims for coverage and defending you under claims made errors and omissions policies of insurance.

Comprehensive Construction Law Representation

From the construction document phase to defending you against construction defect claims, you can trust Maier Law, P.A., to provide the representation you deserve. As a Board-Certified Construction Law Attorney, large insurance companies have engaged Mr. Maier to represent their insureds on construction law matters including complex legal issues related to Florida construction defect claims. In addition, the attorneys at Maier Law, P.A., are familiar with claims for personal injuries and property damage on construction sites and familiar with product defects and strict product liability claims.

Maier Law, P.A., can assist you with a variety of construction-related disputes and legal concerns, including:

  • Construction delay claims
  • Drafting construction, designer, owner and architect contracts
  • Change orders
  • Construction liens
  • Breach of contract
  • Construction defects

They have experience related to claims and defenses of construction project delays and the critical path method of calculating construction project delays in South Florida. Not all delays are on the critical path of construction and not all “float” time is owned by the general contractor. If you are drafting or negotiating a construction or AIA contract in Florida, you may want to consider contract clauses for early completion bonuses as well as claims for liquidated damages for delay.

If you believe you have claims for delay or float or are defending a claim for liquidated damages, actual damages, consequential damages, mobilization and re-mobilization costs and expenses, downtime, home office overhead, or Eichleay damages stemming from a delay, you should consider retaining a professional with experience handling claims of delay on construction projects in South Florida.

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Maier Law, P.A., has experience assisting construction industry professionals with every aspect of the construction process. From drafting contracts to defending you against defect claims, the team at Maier Law, P.A., will work tirelessly to protect your rights and help you meet your goals. To schedule a free consultation, call the West Palm Beach office at 561-593-3257 or fill out an online contact form to get in touch.